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Oven Restore follow a precise process to ensure each clean gives outstanding results.

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Huddersfield Oven Cleaning

During this process, our skilled Oven Restore Technician meticulously cleans and degreases the interior of your oven using a non-caustic, biodegradable formula. This powerful solution effectively eliminates built-up grease and carbon deposits. Additionally, when feasible, the technician removes and disassembles the oven doors to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior glass surfaces, ensuring all stubborn grease splatters are removed.

At this stage, particular attention is given to electric ovens, where the fan and fan plate are removed and cleaned. This step is crucial as the accumulation of carbon behind the fan can often lead to smoking issues at high temperatures and, in extreme cases, pose a fire hazard.

Once cleaned, the appliance is carefully reassembled and polished, resulting in a fresh, hygienic oven ready for immediate use, free from any chemical smells or residues.

For enamel finished cookers, we apply our special deep cleansing polish, while stainless steel appliances receive treatment with a rejuvenating stainless steel oil.

Oven Restore ensures that the cleaning process is conducted with minimal disruption, and our eco-friendly solutions mean your oven and appliances are entirely safe to use once our service is complete.

Many of our Oven Restore customers opt for our convenient 6/12-monthly annual return service to maintain a clean and efficient oven. This can be easily arranged on the day of your initial clean, ensuring your oven remains in top condition.

Oven Cleaning In Huddersfield

Whilst this process is being done our Oven Restore Technician will be cleaning and degreasing the interior of the oven with a non-caustic bio degradable formula to remove accumulated grease and carbon deposits also removing and splitting the oven doors where possible to clean the glass inside and out, removing all the burnt on grease splashes. At this stage the fan and fan plate on any electric oven will be removed and cleaned and any carbon behind the fan will be removed as this would usual be the cause of smoking from the oven at high temperatures and in extreme cases can be a fire hazard.

The appliance is then carefully reassembled and polished up resulting in a fresh, clean, hygienic oven which you can use immediately with no chemical smells or residues.

Finally, enamel finished cookers are polished using our special deep cleansing polish, while the stainless steel appliances are treated with a special stainless steel rejuvenator oil.

Oven Restore ensures the cleaning process is carried out with minimal disturbance and what’s more, our bio degradable, caustic-free, eco-friendly solutions mean your oven and appliances are completely safe to use as soon as Oven Restore have finished!

Many Oven Restore customers in Huddersfield like to book a 6/12 monthly annual return to keep the Oven clean and working efficiently this can be arranged on the day of your first clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

At Oven Restore, we understand that you may have questions or concerns about our services. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have.

We cover the whole of West Yorkshire therefore we cover the whole of Huddersfield and surrounding areas too. 

We also cover other areas due to our customers recommending us to their family and friends. If your area is not mentioned please contact us as we may have appointments in your area.

Yes there are no hidden extra’s.

It will depend on the size of the oven and the severity of the grease and carbon deposits generally for a Single/Double you would be looking at around 2/3 Hours or 3/4 hours for a Range or Aga.

No there are no dangerous Fumes or Smells at all we are committed in providing a professional service using only non-toxic & non-caustic bio degradable 100% safe system.

All our products are manufactured using detergents that are biodegradable in compliance with EU/UK guidelines as they must be to conform to the detergent regulations. Inorganic components are either inert or readily neutralise to form inert compounds.

Depends really on the type of cooking you do, we would recommend 6 to 12 months cycle, this can be decided on the appointment day.

No, Oven Restore is a family run business.

Yes certainly with Full Public Liability Insurance up to 5 million pound certificate can be viewed if required.

We are more than happy to supply a firm price quotation to carry out your oven, Hob or Extractor cleaning requirements. All quotations are an actual price to complete an all-inclusive job… No hard sell, no pressure.

Prices are based on the size of the oven, whether this be a single oven, double, range oven or Rayburn.

Cost Quoted is a fixed all inclusive price no matter how long it takes. Please feel free to contact me with your requirements. If we are close by we can give a genuine discount due to cost savings we incur.

Whatever works for you – cash, cheque, card or bank transfer.

No deposit required at all an invoice will be given on completion with full payment details enclosed.