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Oven Restore follow a precise process to ensure each clean gives outstanding results.

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Oven Cleaning in Bradford

Upon arrival at your home in Bradford, our Oven Restore technician embarks on a comprehensive inspection of your oven’s internal and external surfaces earmarked for cleaning. Any existing faults, scratches, or missing parts are meticulously noted for reference.

To maintain a pristine workspace, we meticulously cover the area with dust sheets and employ rubber mats for added protection. Should the need arise, we also lay down carpet runners in hallways to shield your carpets from any potential mess.

Our cleaning methodology entails a thorough removal of carbon residue from all removable oven components. These parts are carefully disassembled and submerged in our state-of-the-art heated tank, conveniently located within our vehicle. Here, stubborn grease and burnt-on food deposits are expertly erased. Following this process, the racks and grill pans undergo a comprehensive degreasing and decarbonisation treatment, often restoring them to a near-new condition.

Get your oven cleaned in Bradford 

While our expert Oven Restore Technician diligently tends to the cleaning and degreasing process, they use a unique non-caustic, bio-degradable formula. This powerful solution effectively eradicates built-up grease and carbon deposits within the oven’s interior. Moreover, the technician takes care to remove and disassemble the oven doors whenever feasible, meticulously cleaning both the interior and exterior glass surfaces to eliminate any stubborn grease splatters.

During this phase, special attention is given to electric ovens, where the fan and fan plate are meticulously removed and cleaned. This step is crucial as accumulated carbon behind the fan can often lead to smoking issues at high temperatures, and in severe cases, pose a fire hazard.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, the appliance is meticulously reassembled and polished, presenting a rejuvenated and hygienic oven ready for immediate use. Notably, our enamel finished cookers receive an extra touch of care with our specially formulated deep cleansing polish, while stainless steel appliances are treated with a rejuvenating stainless steel oil.

At Oven Restore, we prioritise a seamless cleaning experience with minimal disruption. Our commitment to eco-friendliness means that your oven and appliances are entirely safe to use immediately after our service, devoid of any lingering chemical smells or residues.

Many of our valued Bradford customers opt for our convenient 6/12-monthly annual return service to ensure their ovens remain clean and operational at optimal efficiency. This can be easily arranged on the day of your initial clean, ensuring your peace of mind and a consistently pristine oven.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

At Oven Restore, we understand that you may have questions or concerns about our services. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have.

We cover the whole of West Yorkshire therefore the whole of Bradford and surrounding areas.

We also cover other areas due to our customers recommending us to their family and friends. If your area is not mentioned please contact us as we may have appointments in your area.

Yes there are no hidden extra’s.

It will depend on the size of the oven and the severity of the grease and carbon deposits generally for a Single/Double you would be looking at around 2/3 Hours or 3/4 hours for a Range or Aga.

No there are no dangerous Fumes or Smells at all we are committed in providing a professional service using only non-toxic & non-caustic bio degradable 100% safe system.

All our products are manufactured using detergents that are biodegradable in compliance with EU/UK guidelines as they must be to conform to the detergent regulations. Inorganic components are either inert or readily neutralise to form inert compounds.

Depends really on the type of cooking you do, we would recommend 6 to 12 months cycle, this can be decided on the appointment day.

No, Oven Restore is a family run business.

Yes certainly with Full Public Liability Insurance up to 5 million pound certificate can be viewed if required.

We are more than happy to supply a firm price quotation to carry out your oven, Hob or Extractor cleaning requirements. All quotations are an actual price to complete an all-inclusive job… No hard sell, no pressure.

Prices are based on the size of the oven, whether this be a single oven, double, range oven or Rayburn.

Cost Quoted is a fixed all inclusive price no matter how long it takes. Please feel free to contact me with your requirements. If we are close by we can give a genuine discount due to cost savings we incur.

Whatever works for you – cash, cheque, card or bank transfer.

No deposit required at all an invoice will be given on completion with full payment details enclosed.